Advanced TIE X1


width     5,30 Meter

length    4,80 Meter

height    4,50 Meter



Hangar backdrop of the advanced TIE X1


width     12,00 Meter

length    12,00 Meter

height     5,00 Meter


Weight of the whole set 1,5 tons


Tansport via 7,49t Truck

plus Trailer

Crew min. 10 persons incl. costumes and photo service


2 Darth Vader

1 Tie - Pilot

4 Officiers

3 Stormtrooper


If you got questions


We will answer




Vader`s Advanced Tie Fighter Techfile
pdf for your knowledge about measures of the TIE
Vader´s Tie techfile 2013.pdf
PDF-Dokument [4.7 MB]
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